We are a multinational foods company operating in spray dried and encapsulated ingredients. Kievit is based in Meppel in Nothern Holland & has been in business since 1894. We are inviting high potential professionals to join our operation in Indonesia (Salatiga — Central of Java) for the following positions:



  • Male/Female
  • Hold S1/S2 Food Technology or similar background
  • Having 3 - 7 years experience in R & D Foods Industry
  • Knowledge Organoleptical test
  • Knowledge Processing Foods Industry
  • Expected Salary
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Able to operate computer


This job aims at closing the gap between marketing and production. You will be responsible for the development of the product & process from the perspective gained through thorough market knowledge. In this job you will be reporting directly to the Process Technology / R & D Manager.

Key responsibilities:

  • Searching for information and product trend intensively to strengthen knowledge that can support implementation of project development and basic research.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the process of product development, basic research and consumer research which have been done in respective unit
  • Assisting the factory people to handle the problem that relates with formulation, raw material, technical process, packing material and sanitation process
  • Checking the document and monitoring the operational that relates with SOP, production process, analyze guidance and halal audit
  • Monitoring the expenses of their unit match with the budget

Responsibilities & Principal Accountabilities:

  • Application Technology will have the responsibility of developing new and innovative products & process by coordinating and implementing research innovation, and development activities to ensure the achievement of business objectives. Develop and recommend and provide support and assistance to production management in problems solving related with the formulation, raw materials including packaging, process, sanitation process. Ensure that all process is in accordance with well documented operational guidance and standard operating procedures related with production process, analytical procedures. Provide advice and assistance in the overall manufacturing operation involving technical and plant engineering, quality control and quality assurance, maximize production by utilizing the machine capacity to the optimum level, develop and maintain consistent quality specification that meet consumers quality specification.

Please Send Your Resume: info@kievit.

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