When you own a car you definitely need to insure it. When you purchase your car by leasing it, the car insurance is on you too! Buying auto insurance there are many things you should consider as many factors are involved!

Your driving record for sure, your car type and model *but not your CD collection*, you need to have confidence in your insurance agent *if not how you are going to deal after?*, you need to consider more liability which mean more coverage, you must focus on your deductible too.

Your auto insurance at least will have collision benefit, PIP or personal injury protection that will benefit you later when you lost your income or need to cover your medical expenses, and you may need to consider comprehensive insurance.

Never trust on what you heard, you need them in written when it comes to insurance, written mean you have proof, signed by both sides right? Lower interest premium does not always mean the best as your most concern is the insurance coverage.

It is always recommended to get several auto insurance quotes, learn and compare, do not surprise if they come with different rates, that’s happen! Just do your home work which is to check the coverage, inclusion and exemption.

When you confident enough then it is the time to decide and get the auto insurance that fit your need, budget and your lifestyle!

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