Wakatobi Unlimited World-Class Reef Diving

Wakatobi is a destination where you can dive the world's most pristine reefs and experience remoteness from everyday life in total comfort. Situated on a beautiful tropical island in the remote and peaceful Wakatobi archipelago in the Banda Sea.

Wakatobi comprising an archipelago of four large islands located in south east Sulawesi, Indonesia. The park encompasses stunning coral reefs, white sand beaches and an amazing wealth of whales and dolphins. Positioned at the heart of the Indo Pacific area where marine biodiversity is at its greatest, diving is truly fantastic. Wakatobi is unlimited world-class reef diving.

Over 90,000 people live within the national park, many of whom rely on the reefs and inter-tidal habitats for their livelihoods. These peoples include many interesting cultures and histories. The objective of the marine park management is to balance the needs of the local communities whilst protecting biodiversity.

Some of the best places can only be reached by liveaboard boat though, and a number of liveaboard charters can be booked that include visits to the Wakatobi. For accomodation and scuba diving activities please click here.

Best visit :
April to June dan October to December.

How to get here:
If your starting point is Jakarta, you would transit in Kendari (Kendari is the capital of the Indonesian province of South East Sulawesi) afterwards it was continued to Bau-bau, will take up time around 5 hours if using speed boat or 12 hours if using traditional boat.

From bau-bau to Lasalimu using car for two hours, then using the speed boat of Lasalimu-Wanci for one hour or the wood ship of Lasalimu-Wanci for 2.5 hours.
Wanci was the first main gate entered the Wakatobi National Park region.

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