Body Language in the Interview

How should you sit, act or just be in your interview? Although you'll likely be nervous, try to be yourself, as much as possible. Your face-to-face interview is your one opportunity to show the real you to your prospective employer, and may be the key to set you apart from other applicants. Also, keep in mind that sometimes the person who is interviewing you might also be nervous. Do what you can to feel as comfortable as possible, so you, in turn, can make them feel more comfortable.

In addition, "your body language should exude confidence. A strong, confident handshake goes a very long way. So do smiling, nodding and maintaining eye contact. Keep your voice clear and strong," suggests career coach Florman.

Cole-Jones recommends that you sit up and forward in your chair, because no one wants to hire someone who is "too cool for school." Also, keep your hands where others can see them. It's hard to trust someone when you can't see their hands.

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